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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eaton Hull-less Oat

Another new one for me this season. Oats are planted early in Spring. I wasn't expecting them to do much since most other Spring-planted grains aren't very productive for me. Well, these oats surprised me by doing very well. Since they're hull-less you're supposed to be able to use them without a whole lot of processing. I've read that they make a good substitute for brown rice when boiled whole. They're also supposed to make better livestock feed since there's no hull.
The downy covering on each grain does make them handle a little different from other grains. I had to adjust my winnowing technique (hand-held blow dryer) a little bit after I blew them all over the front porch. I still rescued enough to share some with friends and still have an increase to plant next Spring. This looks like it'll be a keeper.

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