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Thursday, July 5, 2012

F2 tetraploid wheats

More pictures of the harvested heads from the second generation (F2) of 'Black Emmer' X 'Kamut'. The first picture shows some brown and blonde heads. The second shows some of the blackest heads. The third picture shows those same black heads with awns removed so the head shape is a little easier to focus on. There a whole range of glume toughness and rachis brittleness. Hopefully I can start selecting some good forms that are relatively easy to thresh out free of hulls. 'Black Emmer' is very healthy and winter hardy but the grains don't thresh free of the coverings (hulls/glumes). 'Kamut'  grains thresh free of the coverings but winterkills most years here. I think it' more of a Spring wheat. I wanted this cross to combine the best of these two.

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