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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Finally got around to using the dried peppermint from last season in a form that turned out to be pretty good. I'd had some not-so-good experimental attempts last year and was discouraged for a while.
This time I powdered the mint leaves and sifted them to remove bigger chunks. I mixed this into what was essentially some very thick icing - powdered sugar and heated milk with more powdered sugar added until it was pasty. I pressed this out thin on parchment paper and then peeled of and put on plastic wrap covered plate in the fridge to cool. Meanwhile I melted some chocolate chips and smeared them thinly on both sides of the mint layer - cooling in between sides. When it was all cooled I cut into squares. They tasted very similar to peppermint patties, but with the hidden bonus of getting some of your green leafy vegetables in each bite! 

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