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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deer [pretty but pretty destructive too]

First picture shows two of the lesser bucks that have been hanging around. The second and third pictures are of the bigger buck that has staked out his claim to the area. Fourth picture shows what's left of the 'Winner's Circle' rose I'd just planted out Monday evening. It had been full of orange hips and densely-foliaged. Good thing it had thorns or there might not be anything left LOL
The last picture shows the recent gouge marks one of those bucks has put into the bark of our Yoshino cherry. I'd thought that it had grown big enough to not be a good scraping tree anymore - they seem to prefer broom handle diameter stuff around here. I put my foot in the picture to show how big the trunk is. The right hand part of the picture is of the back side of that same tree trunk showing old scars from when the tree was much younger. I'd wrapped it for a few years after that first incident, but the last couple of years they've seemed to leave it alone.

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