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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some roses

Here's how one of the transplanted suckers of Rosa rugosa x xanthina  is looking right now. [the name is a link to an older post with more details] Notice the missing end of the shoot and ends of the leaves. That's the handiwork of the resident deer herd. Doesn't seem to matter to them that it's right up near the house either.
 Here's the super-healthy foliage (although a little nipped by frost) of one of my favorite seedlings I've raised - Rosa multiflora x rugosa. Actually this is a rooted cutting, which I started because I was afraid I might lose this mother plant when I had to move it back in the Spring. It'll be good to have a duplicate now for safety sake anyway.

Check out how lush and healthy Rosa laevigata is currently. I'm hoping this means I'll get some flowers in the Spring so I can try (yet again) to get some crosses from it. It's such a cool species!

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