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Monday, October 17, 2011

Anthocyanin blushed tomato

The cooler Fall weather is really bringing out the purple anthocyanin in these tomatoes which are derivatives of Lycopersicon hirsutum (Solanum habrochaite). The first picture shows the two parent lines with the offspring. The pollen parent last year was the half-purple / half-green little tomato in the upper left and also one single fruit on top of the 'White Wax' which was the seed parent. The two yellow round tomatoes in forefront are the offspring - note they have some of the purplish pigment of the papa. That purple/green one is derived from a cross of 'Brandywine' with Lycopersicon hirsutum that I did many years ago.
The next two pictures are of two individual clones that I'm going to try to root and keep alive over the winter. I'm hoping I can get a bigger harvest of seeds from these two (next year) so that I can grow a fairly large population the following year. I also plan on growing a bunch next year from this season's seeds and see if I can find some with white background fruit color combined with good purple pigmentation.

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