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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pile o' cukes

We planted an extra long row of cucumbers from last year's saved seeds. These were all derived from the previous year's hybrids that we grew from intercrossing 'Marketmore',  'Straight 8' and 'Lemon' cucumbers. One of the years, we also grew a pickling cucumber and I think I've found a few that might have come from intermingling with this one, but most are from 'Lemon' crossed with the other two "slicers".
Since the rains quit on us again for a very long time, the cucumbers didn't perform tremendously well. (Also there are quite a few odd shapes) Even so... they did much better than the 'Chinese Yellow' that I also planted this year to add to the gene pool. 'Chinese Yellow' was described as the most productive cucumber I think in the Baker Valley Seeds catalog.
Anyway I'd already selected the best from the row to save for seed (several months ago I think I posted about those), but my helpers were out playing and decided to harvest all of these rejected ones. So I guess since they went to all of the trouble of gathering them from the weeds, I guess I should go through the pile to see what interesting ones I might have missed. I'll let you know if there's anything really cool.

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