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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mum seedlings

I honestly never had any intention to hybridize Chrysanthemums. Many years ago, I would admire the extra sturdy, pink, daisy-type mum I'd occassionally see in landscapes. Then, in the bargain section of a local hardware store, I saw a small nearly dead specimen clearance priced 75 cents. How could I pass that up! So I've had this unlabeled cultivar of what I think is a Korean Mum for over 15 years. It's the first picture below. I brought it with us to the new house along with a few other old double-flowered mums. In all those years, I never noticed any seedlings from any of the mums, but I think something got started when we got a cute little house-warming gift - a mum called "Stacy'. All of the sudden the front flowerbed started filling up with self-sown mum seedlings. I didn't have the heart to yank them out, so now it's starting to get ridiculous.

In the second picture, you can see "Stacy" in the background. It's the white with pink edges. I think the big robust pink in the center came from pollen of the Korean. There's another smaller plain pink also trying to peep out.
Third picture is one of my favorite pastel orange seedlings.
Fourth and fifth are of my overall favorite - a huge pale yellow. Notice the yardstick almost disappearing down in that clump picture. By the way, this one has a sweet fragrance that carries on the breezes so you smell it without even stooping over.
Sixth picture is a starkly white seedling. And the seventh picture is a new fire-engine red semi-double. This one had to have come from one of the old, red doubles.
So, even though I didn't actually do a single cross myself - insects did it all - I guess I'm going to be a mum hybridizer after all.

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