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Friday, October 7, 2011

F1 Rosa moschata X wichuraiana

Here are some pictures of one of the F1 hybrids of the single-flowered form of Rosa moschata pollinated by Rosa wichuraiana var. poterifolia. The first picture shows the growth habit. It's been increasing in size in spite of the grass and weed competition - it's out in a field. The habit is similar to wichuraiana except maybe a little bit more upright. It makes very long, floppy canes. The second picture shows the foliage. The third picture shows a fruiting cluster and the fourth picture a bunch of harvested hips. I'm hoping that among the open-pollinated seedlings will be one that reverts to the moschata repeating type of bloom (that scent would be nice too), while maintaining the increased cold-hardiness and disease resistance from wichuraiana.
This is the parent of the seedling I posted recently that has short internodes and overlapping leaflets.

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