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Monday, October 10, 2011

Vinegar Weedkiller

I wouldn't want to get into trouble recommending any non-sanctioned use of any household "chemical", so I'll just recommend that you search the internet for more information and decide for yourself...

That said, if it's something I can eat without fear, I feel pretty comfortable with it. So here are "before" [well actually about 1/2 hour after] and "after" shots showing how spraying with regular distilled white vinegar (with a little bit of detergent for spreading) nukes the foliage of these seedling weeds. I think most of these seedlings were henbit and speedwell.

I'll caution you to make sure it's not a windy day and be sure to keep it away from the good plants. I think it's pretty indiscriminate about what it kills. Also it IS an acid so I don't know how it might etch concrete or mortar. But for my slate sidewalk and the gravel driveway, it works like a charm.

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