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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A few unsprayed roses

Just a few shots of Fall foliar disease (or lack thereof) on a few roses here. Typically this time of year, Hybrid Teas would only be bare stems with maybe a few of the very newest leaves left at the tips. Blackspot pressure is pretty strong. Some other leaf-spotting (anthracnose???) will usually strike too. Spring and summer, we'll see mildew fairly regularly but not so much right now. I don't think I've ever even seen rust here. Anyway the first and second pictures are of mild blackspot on the lowest leaves of two Rosa palustris X 'Home Run' seedlings. They're still pretty healthy, but evidently not completely immune. I guess that might be good so I can see how good their "horizontal resistance" is.
For comparison, the third picture is of some sort of spotting on 'Hazeldean'. The fourth is of some yellowing foliage on Rosa glutinosa X palustris - which may just be normal senescence rather than any kind of disease. The fifth, sixth and seventh pictures are of three VERY healthy ones... 'Blush Noisette', Rosa moschata X wichuraiana (F2-op) and "Three Quarters Native" [which is ('Fragrant Cloud' X Rosa carolina) X Rosa virginiana]. To be honest, "Three Quarters Native" did partially defoliate during the extremely dry part of summer, but all of the new growth that grew when the rains returned, looks very clean.

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