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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Interploid Iris cross 'Pink Champagne' x 'Astra Girl'

Here's maiden bloom on the only seedling I got from crossing the [48 chromosome tetraploid] Tall Bearded 'Pink Champagne' with the [24 chromosome diploid] Miniature Tall Bearded 'Astra Girl'. This seedling has a totally different form compared to the interploid hybrid I posted yesterday - this one has rounded flared falls and slightly open standards and it held that form even after a windy day with temps in the 80's F [see third picture]. In the second picture you can see the difference in color from that other interploid half-sister (which was 'Honky Tonk Blues' X 'Astra Girl'). Both of these seedlings seem to produce pollen, so I'm guessing that they might be tetraploids (maybe from unreduced pollen). I'm trying intercrossing these two seedlings to bring out any novelties that 'Astra Girl' might contribute to the tetraploid gene pool.

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