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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rosa glutinosa X palustris

Looks like I might be posting flower picture soon, but I had to show these buds and mention the scents.
I had originally done this cross [which required freezing pollen to use the next season] because I love the glandular-sticky, sweetly-scented flower buds of the swamp rose (Rosa palustris) and I also love the sticky piney-tangerine-scented foliage of Rosa glutinosa. My hope was to combine and shuffle the genetic deck and see what cool foliage scents might turn out. Well, this definite F1 hybrid between the two species started out with a foliage scent slightly different from glutinosa. And as it built up in size, the foliage scent seemed to resemble glutinosa even more. But wouldn't you know, the palustris bud scent is now expressing itself a little more strongly - where else but... in these buds. I really wasn't expecting the glandular scents to vary on different parts of the plant. If this hybrid isn't sterile, I wonder if the F2 will show much recombination of these scents.

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