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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rosa davidii x virginiana

In spite of being a cross between two tetraploids, I had thought this F1 might be relatively sterile because all of the few flowers it had last year aborted. Well, this year it's flowering much heavier and it looks like at least some of the hips are swelling (see blue arrow).



  1. Never knew davidii was a tetraploid! That's another tet. I have in the mix to play with! Good to know! It looks like the foliage and buds turned out very virginiana-like and the flowers inherited the davidii traits. Ihave noticed with other virginiana hyrbids that the virginiana influence is often very prominent.

  2. Hi Simon,
    Sorry bout the slow response - been crazy busy here lately.
    Yes, I'm starting to think that I should've been using this one a whole lot more [davidii that is]. A tetraploid species that isn't so stubborn about accepting foreign pollen - I wish I'd have tried modern pollen on it this year. But... I'm not too disappointed, because it looks like the fedtschenkoana pollen I used might have been successful. If so that outta be REALLY cool!
    Later, Tom