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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Fragrant Cloud' X Rosa carolina

I moved this hybrid a few years back and it had been slowly settling in. Looks like it's happy enough now, even though beetles have stripped the upper branches and all of the recent rains have made a lot of the flowers "ball". It's 'Fragrant Cloud' X Rosa carolina and is the seed parent of the one I call "MR1" (from 'Carefree Sunshine' pollen) and also of the one I call "3/4 native" (from Rosa virginiana pollen). I've posted here about these two before. In spite of being a once-bloomer, this is one of my favorite hybrids. It's healthy and has a strong "old rose" fragrance. I think I'll use fedtschenkoana pollen on it today. That would be a fun cross to see offspring from!

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