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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rosa palustris X 'Home Run'

Here are buds forming on two of the Rosa palustris X 'Home Run' seedlings. The first one has gland hairs on the flower buds but it still doesn't seem like there's much of the palustris scent to them. The foliage on this one is also a little different in appearance from it's siblings.
The second one is more typical of the group in appearance. It has relatively smooth (non-glandular) buds and the foliage (and the so far, twiggy habit) could almost fool someone into thinking they're some sort of once-blooming China rose. I'm glad I chose to use palustris for the seed parent for this cross because it would be hard to say there's much visible influence. I think I remember reading an old adage about crossing a species with a hybrid - that the offspring will typically look more like the hybrid - I guess these seedlings support that idea.


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