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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Amazing Tomato!

Should've taken a picture a week ago when I noticed this amazing hold-over from last season. It's a green-fruited tomato hybrid descended from a cross of 'Brandywine' and Lycopersicon hirsutum (now called Solanum habrochaites). You can see a picture of the cluster how it looked back in January by following this link.
So I was out in the garage the other day and happened to look over and was just amazed that a tomato could still have any trace of life left in it after all this time. Keep in mind that this cluster was removed from the plant at the end of the last summer - I'm thinking October at the latest - that's nine or maybe ten months now!!!
Unfortunately I can't say that this tomato is one that has great taste, even when fresh. It's very similar to its species ancestor (hirsutum) in having a weird flavor. It reminds me of an unripe melon. But who knows maybe a little crossing back to the garden type would help it out in that department and it still might retain some of the CRAZY keeping ability.

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