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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mung Beans

I'd bought a big bag of mung beans (Vigna radiata) at the local health food market last year, figuring they wouldn't grow very well. I wanted to use them as a pollen donor for a cowpea crossing mixed pollen experiment. Well, they did make plenty of pollen for me and have surprised me by being pretty productive of little dry beans too!
I'd also bought adzuki beans (Vigna angularis) but afterwards read that they were not likely to flower until too late in the Fall, so didn't bother to plant them until a few weeks after the mung beans. They definitely aren't doing what the mung beans have but they are healthy plants. And there are a few that have even flowered and set pods. So, maybe there are less "photoperiod-challenged" types that could be selected out of these adzukis.

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