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Monday, August 6, 2012

Huge Rugosa Rose Hips

I bought this plant of Rosa rugosa alba for hybridizing purposes but it's got about the biggest rose hips I've ever seen - quite a bit bigger than the old magenta Rosa rugosa I used to have. Makes me want to focus on breeding for fruit characteristics.


  1. it's hard for me to find this kind of rose. where I can find this plant?

  2. Hi Alfi,
    Sorry I didn't see this quicker... I got my plant from Burnt Ridge Nursery - [www.burntridgenursery.com] - they're one of my favorite mail-order nurseries. They're selling 1 year old rugosa alba seedlings for $2.50 or 10 for $20. Of course they can vary some when grown from seed, but I'll bet that their current crop of seedlings would produce fruit every bit as big as these. I see that they're also selling for $10 a Russian selection (for large and flavorful hips) called 'Jubilee'.