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Friday, June 11, 2010

Rosa palustris X 'Home Run'

Here's my pleasant surprise for Spring 2010. Rosa palustris did accept pollen from 'Home Run' (seedlings on left). They are definitely more pigmented and the foliage shape is closer to a "modern" type than the selfed palustris seedlings (on the right for comparison).

Here's an end of summer shot, right before they were planted in the ground. Turns out there were ten of them. I'll bet they'll be much happier in the ground, considering how undernourished they were and also suffering from irregular watering.

Rosa glutinosa X palustris

The red dotted circle shows what I hope is Rosa glutinosa X palustris. The yellow dotted circles are typical selfed seedlings of Rosa glutinosa. The white boxed inset is just alittle bigger view of the hopeful hybrid. I had to freeze palustris pollen to use the following year in order to do this cross, since glutinosa is always finshed blooming before palustris starts. I should have tried the reverse cross this year, but didn't think about it until it was too late. My goal was to alter the foliage scent of glutinosa to make it more similar to the flowerbud scent of palustris. It seems that this seedling does have a little different scent, but it should be easier to tell as it matures.