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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Rose seedlings

A purple foliaged seedling among the open-pollinated seedlings of F1 Rosa carolina X gallica.
My bet is that "3/4 Native" was the pollen donor for this one.  "3/4 Native" is ('Fragrant Cloud' x carolina) X virginiana.
('Fragrant Cloud' x carolina) X 'Basye's Legacy'
The seed parent was infected with RRD, so I was trying to get any seeds I could from it.
Thankfully some have germinated and are looking good.
(moschata x wichuraiana) X OP and various - [used mostly 'Darts Dash' and 'Home Run']
Previous years open-pollinated seedlings had a little variation but in general were fairly uniform in appearance, so I expect any Darts Dash and Home Run offspring to stand out. At least two so far, are looking like they may be from the rugosa.
 "3/4 Native" X OP and various [mostly 'Illusion' and 'Winners Circle']

'Basyes Legacy' X OP and 'Darts Dash'
I figured the most vigorous and rugosa-like seedlings would be easy to tell were from Darts Dash
So far they're looking pretty vigorous, and from what people say Legacy seedlings usually aren't.