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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trail Cam Pictures

I'd been curious what might be living in the big hole behind the garden and Santa brought me a trail camera (Tasco 3MP Model# 119256CW) for Christmas, so... I set it up in movie mode and caught a quick little red fox zipping in to check out the hole one night. I don't think that it's the fox's home though because after the recent snow there were fox tracks all throughout the yard and not a track at all coming from that hole. Also I've had the camera staking out that hole quite a few nights and this is the only time the fox has popped in.
By the way, in case anyone else has this trouble (which is one of the reasons I'm posting this)... the camera went into LOCK mode and I couldn't get it to take any more pictures. It wouldn't let me reformat it in the camera either. I looked all over the web and couldn't find anything that would work to fix it. Finally, I just reformatted the SD card in our laptop and all is good again. Just go to "My Computer" and right mouse on the SD card. You should get an option to reformat that way.
Now I've got the camera set up to record where I toss our compostable kitchen stuff. The tracks were especially busy around there.