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Friday, November 18, 2016

Trying some intentional mum crosses

This fragrant big yellow seedling is one of my favorites. So I decided I should try some intentional crosses on it. 
From what I've read, you can keep the flowers in water and pollinate them this way, They're supposed to mature seeds just like this. So I'm using the red single in front right on the cut flowers of "Big Yellow", hoping for shades of red and orange in the offspring.

Fall pollinator magnet

Every Fall, I am amazed at the sheer number (and diversity) of pollinator insects visiting our volunteer daisy type mums. Besides just being pretty, it's nice to know that they're serving as a food source at a time when those might be scarce.
I don't know what this little black winged one is: 
 Some sort of bumblebee I think:
 Another pretty little mystery insect:
 Syrphid flies? Lots of these:
 A semi-double white with bees, flies and butterflies:

A small green bee:
Big carpenter bee: 
 An assortment of butterflies, moths and skippers:

Bumblebee? Or is a different kind of bee:
Another kind of bee-mimic hoverfly:
 The remaining five pictures sure looked like a honeybee to me. I was especially happy to see that, considering how the honeybee populations have suffered in recent years.