... growing and hybridizing all kinds of plants in zone 6b Maryland since the 1980's.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Strawberry seedlings

Here's how the most recent strawberry seedlings are progressing...


These two pansies are pushing blooms already...

Monday's snow

A few days late in posting these... pretty snow pictures from Monday (March 25). It didn't stay around very long. The third picture shows 'Salem' rosemary in the foreground and 'Russian' pomegranate in the background - both of which survive winters here in Maryland, pretty well.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Purple based foliage iris

Not so much more purple at the base than some others, but this seedling is from Iris purpureobractea so it should be carrying genes for purple bracts too. I should try backcrossing to see if I can get the purple bracts back.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Next generation of strawberries

Here's the next generation of strawberries just getting started. I was a little disappointed because only a few had germinated and I'd planted so many. But the last week or two I've been seeing a big spike in germinations. No signs of greatness yet, but you never know what each little seedling might grow up to be.

Fall-planted pansies

The Fall-planted pansies have been looking a little mushy from the cold but they're starting to show signs of regrowth. Soon they'll be a lot more impressive looking. They'll also be ready for me to have some more fun by interbreeding them with the local weedy Viola arvensis.

Rooting Salvia cuttings

The Salvia cuttings are doing well. See the roots that are already reaching the bottoms of the containers. I'm encouraged enough by how well these have done, that I might try some other kinds of softwood cuttings again, using this mix of crushed charcoal, peat moss and microwaved potting soil.


While working outside last weekend when it was so warm, I found these two ground cherries. All that's left of the husks is the veins but the "cherries" are still as fresh looking as ever. I don't know what species of Physalis these are but they're one of the perennial weedy kinds that are native to this area. I clipped the husk off of the one on the right so you could see the fruit better.